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Admission and Withdrawal

What are the membership types, fees, and benefits?

There are three types of members: regular members, supporting members, and individual members, each of which has its own membership requirements based on capitalization and number of years in business. Membership benefits also differ, so please check the membership application.

What is the admission procedure?

The admission procedure is as follows.

  1. Application for membership & submission of documents
    Please apply for membership using this form. After the application is submitted, the secretariat will contact you and ask you to submit the necessary documents.
  2. Screening & Notification of Results
    The application will be reviewed based on the documents. Regardless of the result of the screening, you will be contacted by the secretariat. Please note that the screening process may take up to one month.
  3. Payment of membership fee
    If your application is approved, please pay the membership fee as soon as possible. Your membership will be completed upon confirmation of payment.

What is the screening process for membership?

Based on the information submitted, the representative director will conduct a review. During the review process, opinions will be gathered from advisors and the secretariat, and a strict decision will be made. Please note that it may take up to one month for the review and approval process.

How can I renew my membership?

The fiscal year of this association is from April 1 to March 31. Membership is renewed on a yearly basis. As a general rule, membership fees for renewals must be paid in a lump sum for the year in April (we will inform you of the payment procedure in March).

How can I pay the membership fee?

Payment can be made in cash or cryptocurrency (cryptocurrency payment is currently being prepared).

Can you issue receipts and estimates?

If you need a receipt or estimate, please contact the secretariat.
Email: office@jda-defi.org

Handling of group companies

Even in the case of a group of companies, there is only one membership per corporation. Even if you belong to a group company, you need to join if you want to participate in the members-only study sessions.

Is it possible to participate in JDA activities before joining?

It is possible to view the study sessions and forums that are open to the public.

How can I cancel my membership?

If you wish to withdraw your membership, please contact the secretariat. The membership fee will not be refunded even if you withdraw in the middle of the year.
Email: office@jda-defi.org

Change membership information

I would like to change my membership type.

If you wish to change your membership category, please contact the Secretariat. In the middle of the year, there will be no refund if the membership fee is lowered.If the membership fee becomes higher, you will be asked to pay the difference additionally. In addition, the Association may ask you to change your membership category when your capital increases or the number of years you have been in business passes. Please understand this in advance. Email: office@jda-defi.org

I would like to change my registered member information (company name, address, URL, contact person information, etc.).

If you wish to change your registered membership information, please contact the Secretariat.
Email: office@jda-defi.org

About us

What is the purpose and content of your activities?

JDA's activities are centered on "knowledge sharing," "business matching," and "policy recommendation". For the purpose of our activities, please refer to the outline of the association.

I would like to put the JDA logo on my company's website.

The JDA logo and the fact that you are a member can be displayed on your website or business card. The official name of JDA is "DeFi Association".

Will the materials used in the study sessions be shared?

Some study sessions are open to the public and some are open to members only. In both cases, we will only share with the permission of the organizers, speakers, and other concerned parties.

Please tell us about the organizational structure.

JDA is a non-profit organization that places importance on decentralization. We do not have a Board of Directors, but have established a forum as a place for discussion. The Representative Director will make decisions for the entire association by fully respecting the discussions in the forum. In addition, we will actively establish advisors and subcommittees to emphasize the diversity of opinions. Please note that this is the organizational structure for the first year only, and the structure may be reorganized based on the opinions of the members in the following years.

Can I view the Articles of Incorporation and Membership Agreement?

The Articles of Incorporation and Membership Agreement can be viewed here.

Are overseas corporations and residents also eligible for membership?

Overseas corporations and residents are also eligible for membership.

Is it possible to observe the activities of the association before joining?

It is possible to view the study sessions and forums that are open to the public.

For inquiries

If you have any questions, concerns or other inquiries, please contact the Secretariat. Email: office@jda-defi.org

About subcommittee

What are the operating rules of the subcommittee?

The association may establish subcommittees, advisors, and others. To become a member of a subcommittee, you need to be a regular member. However, supporting members and individual members can also participate in the activities of the subcommittees.

How I can get involved in the subcommittee?

Regular members are eligible to start and run a subcommittee. Supporting members and individual members are not eligible to become managing members, but can participate in the activities of the subcommittees.

About forum

What is a forum?

The JDA has established a forum to fully reflect the opinions of its members. At the forum, members' opinions are solicited on specific topics. The Representative Director will take the opinions of the Forum into consideration and reflect them in the decision-making process of the JDA as a whole. The Forum is open to non-members as well.

What will be discussed in the forum?

The forum will primarily discuss and vote on the following topics:

  • Exchange of opinions among members on the overview of the hacking incident regarding DeFi and how to respond to it
  • Discussion of the content of the documents that will be created for policy recommendations
  • Selection of speakers for the JDC (Japan DeFi Conference), a DeFi conference organized by the JDA
  • Voting for an annual award to recognize an individual or organization that has done something to symbolize DeFi in that year

Please tell me about voting in the forum.

Votes from people who appear to belong to the same organization will be counted as one vote at the discretion of the Representative Director. Please note that this is to prevent manipulation of decision-making by specific organizations.

Are forum voting rights issued on the blockchain?

The voting rights used in the forum are not issued on the blockchain. This is because issuing voting rights on a blockchain may fall under the category of securities.


I would like to speak at a workshop.

As a general rule, the secretariat requests speakers for study sessions and other events. However, joint planning of study sessions is allowed only when the theme is appropriate. Please contact the secretariat if you are interested in joint planning. Email: office@jda-defi.org

How many people can participate in a study session?

We will set a maximum number of participants for each workshop.

Please tell me about your Privacy Policy.

Please click here to view our Privacy Policy.

Can you send me the documents by mail?

As a rule, we do not accept documents by email. Please acknowledge by email and the attached file in the email.

Social Media Account of JDA

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